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Can You See The Fault From The Color Of The Exhaust?

Sep. 20, 2018

When the owner of the new car found smoke in the exhaust pipe, he knew that the car had failed, but he was still busy with the house and was at a loss. In fact, in such a situation, as long as you can determine the car breakdown from the color of the exhaust, then you no longer have to panic.

First, blue smoke

Performance: The explosive power of the vehicle decreases, the acceleration is weak, the noise becomes large, the exhaust pipe has blue smoke, the burnt smell produced by the burning of the organic oil, and the consumption of the oil increases.

Reason: Most of the blue smoke is caused by internal engine failure, which causes the oil to burn into the combustion chamber.

Solution: Always check the sealing performance of cylinders, pistons, etc.; add oil in moderation, check the oil usage regularly, such as abnormal fuel consumption, and timely repair to the repair shop.

Second, black smoke

Performance: The engine of the car is very shaken, the exhaust pipe has an abnormal sound, and the black smoke body is discharged at the same time, and it feels weak when accelerating.

Reason: Most of this happens in the carburetor car. Excessive fuel enters the cylinder and then burns out of the car, causing the car to emit black smoke.

Solution: Always check the aging degree of carburetor and other parts, and often carry out maintenance and adjustment; EFI vehicles should check the cylinder line every 30,000 kilometers, check the spark plug every 10,000 kilometers, and replace it if there is any problem.

Third, white smoke

Performance: The engine is not running smoothly. When the engine is warmed up to the normal working water temperature, a large amount of water vapor still emerges, and a large amount of white water vapor emerges.

Cause: The cylinder head of the engine cylinder is worn, creating a certain gap, causing a large amount of water in the heat dissipation system to enter the combustion chamber. The water cannot be burned, and after being heated, water vapor is generated and discharged directly from the exhaust pipe.

Solution: Check engine cylinder and cylinder gasket for damage, check if there is any water in the fuel tank; check the car manual and add the correct gasoline according to the manufacturer's specifications.

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