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What Is The Danger Of Carbon Deposits?

Sep. 30, 2018

1. When the carbon deposit adheres to the exhaust valve, the intake and exhaust valves are closed tightly and the air is leaked, and the pressure in the engine cylinder is lowered. The direct result is that the engine is difficult to activate, and the engine is shaken under idle conditions; Entering the section of the combustion chamber, carbon deposits can adsorb a certain mixture of gases, thereby reducing engine power.

2. When the carbon deposit adheres to the cylinder and the top of the piston, it will reduce the combustion chamber volume (space) and increase the cylinder compression ratio. When the compression ratio is too high, it will cause the engine to prematurely burn (solid engine knock) and reduce the power generation. .

3. When the carbon deposit adheres to the spark plug, it affects the spark quality; it does not even jump.

4 When carbon deposits form between the piston rings, it is easy to jam the piston ring, causing oil to burn and straining the cylinder wall.

5. When the carbon deposit adheres to the oxygen sensor, the oxygen sensor cannot correctly sense the exhaust gas condition, and the air ratio cannot be correctly adjusted, so that the engine exhaust exceeds the standard.

6. When carbon deposits are formed inside the intake manifold, the interior becomes rougher, affecting the formation and concentration of the combustible mixture.

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