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How To Judge The Quality Of A Car Engine?

Oct. 23, 2018

For the car, the most important thing for the owner during the period of use is the engine of the car. After all, the good or bad of the engine directly affects the overall performance of the car, which is crucial for the car. So how do car owners judge the engine performance of a car in their daily lives? When buying a car, you should have a correct understanding of the car's good or bad. How do you know the good and bad of the car engine? The layman looks at the parameters, but the insider looks at it!

First of all, when looking at the performance of the car, the main thing is the exhaust pipe. Once the exhaust pipe is found to have water droplets, it can be judged that such a car is good, it is safe in terms of engine combustion, and the fuel consumption is also good. The emissions are relatively small, and many people will feel very strange. How can we know from the water droplets in the exhaust pipe?

The main function of the exhaust pipe of a car is that the exhaust can be discharged after the engine is burned. The good or bad gas is completely visible when the engine is burning. The phenomenon that the exhaust pipe drip is a complete performance of the engine combustion. Without the black gas discharge, the performance of the automobile engine can be proved to be good.

In the normal working state of the engine, the discharged substances are water vapor and carbon dioxide. If the engine is well sealed, when the gas is burning, the high-temperature water vapor enters the engine and is discharged from the exhaust pipe, which is a process in which the gas becomes a liquid. And thus have water droplets. If there is no water droplets in the exhaust pipe, it means that the fuel is not fully burned, or the engine is not well sealed.

Of course, not only will all the exhaust pipes have dripping water, once the cooling water enters the combustion chamber, it may increase the moisture content in the exhaust gas, and there will be dripping of the exhaust pipe, and there are dozens of exhaust pipes dripping a lot. It will affect the operation of the exhaust pipe sensor, and it is very bad for the corrosion of the exhaust pipe.

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